Thursday, 16 August 2007

Viva la Vizsla

I have been busy this past week doing essential research on the net, ably assisted by my humans of course. We found a website, which is doing fantastic work, see attached posters. My female human seems very keen on these posters and shrieked with joy when she found out that they did them in something called a "tote". Not sure what that is but if it raises the profile of Vizslak then I am happy.
I have still been out in the field, paying visits to Burrator, Central Park and Plymbridge Woods. The deployment is going so well that I may be able to hang up my beret soon and enjoy life as a civillian vizsla. There are still a few areas that need to be assessed so I shan't be retiring just yet.

Friday, 10 August 2007

OP Plymouth Wader

Evening, have been out recently on daytime exercises where my male and female were training me in amphibious drills. My male human said today that I'm well on my way to becoming a "Waterborne Warrior".
The exercises consisted of a warm up and a spot of tracking then off to the amphibious training area where we started with wading in the shallows and water exiting drills. We then moved onto deep water training, where, after letting the humans take the lead, I followed into deep water and swam the width of the river. My male human demonstrated the "full submersion whilst slipping on a rock" technique, but I will leave the advanced stuff to the humans for the minute. After leaving the training area I was happy with the walk back to the transport to warm myself back up.Once again I was dismayed by the actions of certain Jack Russells. Does no one in their regiment have any discipline or respect for their canine counterparts?

Anyhow folks I'm going to turn my humans in, carry out my security checks and head off to my crate for a well earned sleep.

Major Rufus Stringer-Gillies
aka Rufus in Guzz


Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Conduct after capture

After yesterday's exploits I decided further a recce of Central Park (CP) was in order. Recruiting my male human to take part in this operation, we left mid-afternoon for a "Gentle Stroll" around the park.

The walk was fairly uneventful apart from meeting two of our German colleagues who weren't very playful and to be quite honest, snubbed me. I shall speak to their commander and have them reprimanded. Do Weimaraners have no respect for rank.

Once back in the car we took a different route home and ended up in an enemy human stronghold where men in white coats and women in blue uniforms over powered us and forced us apart. I was taken into a room where one of the white coated ones squirted a truth serum he called "Kennel Cough" up my nose. Not to fear I tried to sneeze it all out and carried out poisoning procedure by repeatedly submerging my nose in cool water once I returned to base. After the white coated man was done with me a woman called "urse" appeared, took me off and forcibly implanted a tracking chip in my neck. It was a bit painful but once I'd made a run for it and found my human operative, one of them gave me a biscuit, so in the end it was worth it. My human must be commended for keeping a cool head whilst I was being interrogated and assisting in my escape by keeping the guards occupied with his cash card.

I'm going to contact intel about this tracking chip and find out further information. I'm getting drowsy now, must sleep, I hope this isn't the effect of the enemy drugs.

Monday, 6 August 2007

Operation Middle Grass

Afternoon, Major Rufus here. I am pleased to report that Central Park in Plymouth apears to be a Vizsla stronghold. My humans and I were undercover as a family walking their dog when we happened upon another male SVS operative going by the code name Harvey. He was a boisterous old chap and dare I say it a little insubordinate! He was however doing the SVS proud, showing the breed off fantastically as he was from working stock so very tall and strong. I'd have said his previous regiment must have been attached to the Royal Marines. I witnessed Plymouth Argyle football team training too. They are very fit and most welcome to assist the SVS with our mission.

My humans were tactically very good today, throwing my ball to enable me to show off my fantastic retrieving skills and calling me to heel when joggers and young children ran past. Of course I obeyed as any good officer should do, plus it was an opportunity to hold my head up high and trot elegantly. Many people commented on my handsomeness today but modesty prevents me from agreeing with them.

I allowed my humans an ice-cream break towards the end of the mission as they had worked exceptionally well today. In return they presented me with a Kong from a place called Pawmark. What I think they actually meant to present me with was a gong for Denmark but they are only human after all.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Burrator-phase one

Today we did a recce of Burrator Reservoir, a key location. I recruited my comrade Nero to assist me with this mission. We were deep undercover as two boxers, Harvey and Riley, joined us and did not have the security clearance to be privvy to tactical information. We began in the woodlands to the north-east of the reservoir and fanned out through the undergrowth to assess the situation. The woods appeared to be clear except low-level threat insects. There were, however, signs of sheep infiltration in the form of droppings. I assessed the approximate time of their departure by chemical analysis of their excrement. From the texture, consistency and flavour I deduced that they had left the area only hours before. This was a blow to the mission, sheep infiltration into canine woodlands cannot be tolerated. Nero did a sterling job of distracting Harvey and Riley with pretend fighting so that I could slip away to track the sheep. I followed their tracks down a path to a clearing overlooking the reservoir, where human ally Charlotte took photos which we can use later to brief the command. The mission continued unabated until Harvey nearly blew our cover when he noticed the sheep from earlier and decided to give chase. He was reprimanded by his human who shall recieve a commendation for his efforts. The mission was saved. In all we charted approximately 3 miles of Dartmoor today leaving camoflaged scent markers for other operatives indicating the area is cleared. The men worked well today and as such were treated to a cool refreshing dip and drink in a nearby stream. We parted ways at our respective transportation and headed back to base. I shall sleep well tonight, safe in the knowledge that the mission was a success.